Patinations Conservation Services Pty Ltd


Patinations Conservation Services Pty Ltd

Conservation and Restoration of Fine Antique Furniture

Telephone: +61 2 6260 1112

“Do as much as necessary, as little as possible” The Illustrated Burra Charter, 1st Edition, 1992

Patinations Conservation Services, located in Canberra, offers professional conservation and restoration of antique and fine furniture Australia wide.

Whether you are an antique collector, serious art investor, historic house owner, community heritage organisation or a museum professional, Patinations Conservation Services is happy to assist with the smallest project through to grand scale institutional or commercial buildings.

In consultation with our clients, Patinations practises minimal intervention, with the ultimate aim of maintaining the integrity of the piece, preserving its historic and monetary value, as well as its function and aesthetic value.

Patinations has serviced many of Australia’s most important collections, both private and institutional. We are proud of our achievements and that our reputation continues to grow.

To contact us about appointments, assessments, quotations and any other enquiries you may have please go to our contact page for further details.