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Patinations Conservation Services Pty Ltd

Conservation and Restoration of Fine Antique Furniture

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Causes of Damage

Furniture damage is generally divided into three categories based on cause: environmental, mechanical and biological.

Environmental damage is caused by fluctuations in temperature and humidity, exposure to visible and ultraviolet light and changes in chemical composition of the object itself. Changes in environmental conditions account for the majority of all damage. They include timber distortion and shrinkage, adhesive and joint failure, lifting veneer and marquetry, and deterioration of finishes and coatings.

Mechanical damage occurs due to improper handling and use of the object, poor storage and display, general wear and tear, and unforseen accidents and disasters. The most common types of mechanical damage are broken or worn components, losses and missing pieces, water marks and surface damage.

Biological damage occurs through insect, bacterial and fungal attack. In Australia, borer and dry rot are the most common causes of biological deterioration.